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Chippewa Lake Lions Club

2020 Donation Campaign


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2020 Polar Bear Event Photos

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The Chippewa Lake Lion’s Club needs your help……

The pandemic has meant a lot of changes and adjustments for all of us. In our Village of Chippewa Lake, we have seen cancellations of favorite events. Sadly, one of the major cancellations is this year’s Fourth of July parade. Attracting thousands of people each year, it is one of the oldest parades in the area and has never been cancelled.

But it is not the cancellation of a huge and fun event that is the most troubling.  Did you know that the Fourth of July Parade has always been sponsored by the Chippewa Lake Lion’s Club, and it is one of its fundraisers?  Did you also notice that the Mothers’ Day plant sale had to be cancelled this year? – also a fund raiser for the Lions Club. Polar Bear Jump is the big winter fun event and provides funding to the Club as well as charitable co-sponsors. Surprisingly, it could also be in jeopardy, as there is a substantial investment to launch the event……  what we all need to realize is that all of these wonderful, entertaining activities provide the means for the Lions Club to GIVE BACK TO THIS COMMUNITY……

What many people don’t know is that the local Lion’s Club has been quietly working behind the scenes in our community for many years, supporting people and organizations in need. These fund raising events are the only way to provide the means to make this happen.  In recent years, the Lions have provided help for the diverse needs in our community. Here are some actual examples…:

  • School supplies have been purchased for many needy children each year
  • Victims of house fires have been provided help to get back on their feet
  • People / families who have been injured in accidents and are unable to work have been helped
  • Adults with serious and life-threatening illnesses have been helped, so that they and their families can maintain some semblance of normal life
  • Children with rare conditions whose families need help have been given resources
  • $7000 worth of food baskets are delivered to those in need each Christmas
  • Charitable Agencies which support people with disabilities have been provided funds to help them deliver critical services to clients
  • Food Banks have been provided funding, so that they can feed the needy
  • The Fire Department support group has been helped so they can maintain their high level of support to the community
  • People who have lost jobs and can’t make ends meet have been helped
  • The Ski Team has been given help to get children in the community involved in family-oriented activity, like Learn to Ski
  • Church organizations have been helped to provide their charitable services to families, including free meals

You, or someone you know, has probably been helped by the Lion’s Club at some point. Right now, the Club is facing unprecedented requests for help. The situation is serious. With the cancellation of several fundraisers this year, the Club has more limited resources to provide assistance. And yet, the requests for help are increasing.

We know that there is a lot of competition for donations right now. We ask you to think about the fact that this is an all-volunteer organization which delivers help and service to THIS community, all of the time. There is no administrative overhead. 100% of donations funnel back into the community.

We need your help.  Any monetary donation will be appreciated. Remember, we can pay it forward…… together……… WE ARE CHIPPEWA……………. Thank you from our hearts…..

Your donation can be made in several ways:

Checks can be made out to the Chippewa Lake Lions Club, and mailed  to  Chippewa Lake Lions Club, PO Box 71, Chippewa Lake, OH, 44215.

Or, On line donations can be made to the website HERE  with credit card or a PayPal account. (Note Online processing of donations is handled by PayPal but does not require a PayPal account.)

What Lions Do

The Lions Club’s objective is to serve community needs. They are requesting input from our community on suggested projects or services that are needed in Chippewa Lake, which could be undertaken by Chippewa Lake Lions Club members. An example might be painting of street signs, park benches, etc. Please feel free to forward any of your ideas to us, and we will present them to the members at the next meeting. Better yet, feel free to join us at the next meeting.

The Chippewa Lake Lions Club is part of the International Association of Lion’s Club. Eye care and research are the main functions of Lion’s International. Our local Club assists people who need help with purchasing eyeglasses. We also try to assist local residents who are in need. Last Christmas we gave 40 families in the area food baskets to help them out. Our fundraisers are a spring plant sale, Holiday Wreath sale and the Polar Bear Jump/Run in January. Our biggest community service is sponsoring and organizing the 4th of July Parade. Come and be a Chippewa Lake Lion.