Chippewa Lake Lions Club Foundation Donation


Mail In Donations:  Chippewa Lake Lions Club Foundation C/O Shelly Wharton 486 Shorefield Dr  Chippewa Lake, OH 44215

Your donation supports great causes, see below.

  • School supplies have been purchased for many needy children each year
  • Victims of house fires have been provided  help to get back on their feet
  • People / families who have been injured in accidents and are unable to work have been helped
  • People with serious  and life threatening illnesses have been helped, so that they and their families can maintain some semblance of normal life
  • Children with rare conditions whose family needs help have been given resources
  • $8,000 worth of food gifts are delivered to those in need each Christmas
  • Charitable Agencies which support people with disabilities have been provided funds to help them deliver critical services to clients
  • Food Banks have been provided funding to feed the needy
  • The Fire Department support group has been helped so they can maintain their high level of support to the community
  • People who have lost jobs and can’t make ends meet have been helped
  • The Ski Team has been given help to get children in the community involved in family oriented activity, like Learn to Ski
  • Church organizations have been helped to provide their charitable services to families, including free meals

Donations will be processed thru Sqaure Payment System with a Credit Card.